Jack Cloverway is an indie comic artist, convention vendor, illustrator, and game dev living in Canada.



Book Collaboration with Deebs (estimated 2023)

R2786 (estimated 2023)

A Thousand Potions – 2019 – A Tumblr ‘ask blog’-formatted adventure put on pause for a large move.

Blind Aura – 2013-2017 – A forum adventure game first hosted on Tumblr and then rebooted on the MSPA Forums, which was sadly eaten in a data corruption during server transfers. Although the art remains, and the Tumblr posts were backed up to a subdomain, a large portion of the 2015-2017 work has vanished.



The Magnus Collection Vol 1 – 2020-2021 – Art Director/Design Editor, Cover Artist, Merchandise

Endless Possibilities Vol 2 – March 2020 – Zine Contributor and Cover Contributor

Endless Possibilities Vol 1 – May 2019 – Zine Contributor

Way Past Cool: An AOSTH/SATAM 25th Anniversary Fanzine – September 2018 – Zine Contributor

Inktober ’16: The Colouring Book – September 2017 – Artist

Inktober 16-17: Witches and Monsters – September 2017 – Artist

Then And Now: Progress and Process Art from 2011 to 2017 – Artist


Convention Appearances:

No appearances presently scheduled due to COVID-19. :(

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